Nerve monitor with nerve stimulator ProPep Surgical

Nerve monitor with nerve stimulator ProPep Surgical
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It has been well described in the literature, that traditional anatomic landmarks are not reliable in monitoring the location and function of nerves, too small to be seen, throughout the body. For decades surgeons performing open surgery have been using intraoperative nerve monitoring to provide real-time, accurate information on the location and integrity of nerves vital to a patient’s recovery. The ProPep Nerve Monitoring System consists of: Pep Monitor - generates the specific electrical signal used to stimulate the tissue of interest, and records, analyzes and displays the tissues response to that signal. Pep Control Switch – enables the surgeon to switch the robotic surgical instrument from cautery mode to Pep stimulation mode and back. (The electrical stimulation signal generated by the Pep Monitor is delivered through the surgeon’s robotic surgical instrument thus eliminating the need to introduce a separate stimulation probe into the surgical field.) Pep Electrode Kit - a single use, disposable, containing the Pep Electrode and the Pep Electrode Introducer. The Pep Electrode is connected to the Pep Monitor and introduced into the surgical field via the Pep Electrode Introducer. Once in the surgical field, the Pep Electrode is placed in the tissue of interest to receive the electrical signals generated as a result of Pep stimulation.
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