Neonatology room / modular Johnson Medical

Neonatology room / modular Johnson Medical
Johnson Medical

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Compact, self-sufficient and unique modular system specifically designed for use in Neonatal Intensive Care Units or special care nurseries. 2 cubicles design made up of 3 Equipment Management Pendant (Rigid) to serve 4 incubators. 2 worktables are hung on the MediRailTM system at each end of the workstation for administration, IT services and easy floor cleaning. Overhanging shelves for placement of monitors result in space saving while providing an unobstructed view of the monitors to the medical staff. Freestanding in the middle of the room, providing the best possible ergonomics and all around access/ care to neonates. Incoming medical gasses and electrical services from ceiling through the Rigid Equipment Management Pendant create a neater and safer work environment. Easy installation with minimal work disruption and ability to be transferred to other required locations. Modular design ease upgrading with little downtime.