Multipurpose radiography flat panel detector / portable SCAN300FL AJAT

Multipurpose radiography flat panel detector / portable SCAN300FL AJAT

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digital x-ray imaging device provides the full benefit of a direct conversion x-ray sensor using Ajat’s custom charge integration CMOS. Fast frame read-out with extremely low noise level, matches the requirements for low-contrast/high sensitivity scanning applications. The sensor is also well suited for high SNR applications using integrated digital frame accumulation techniques. The very high efficiency Cd(Zn)Te-CMOS sensor technology provides excellent image quality with x-ray energies up to 300 kVp, but can also operate on low energies starting from 10 kVp. The sensor is connected to the computer via an industry standard CameraLink connection. A PCI frame grabber shipped with the sensor employs large memory buffers on board to establish a high reliability data transfer link even in high CPU utilization scenarios. SCAN300FL incorporates an active Peltier element for controlling the temperature within +-0.1 degrees for maximal performance. The system also includes specialized calibration software for high performance imaging.
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