Modular multi-parameter monitor / transport 14.1" | AcuitSign M6 Sino-Hero

Modular multi-parameter monitor / transport 14.1" | AcuitSign M6 Sino-Hero
14.1" | AcuitSign M6

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This Sino-Hero AcuitSign M6 Modular Patient Monitor features a 14.1" high resolution display, making it a highly useful device whether it is at the bedside or in use during a patient's transport of transfer from one location to another. A full touch screen option is available. Because of the modular design of this monitor it can readily adapt to a number of standard configurations, including ECG, HP, SPO2, and more. The monitor has powerful data review capabilities, and up to 12 channels of waveforms can be displayed in a variety of screen layouts. The unit's difference parameter configuration enables continual patient monitoring, and up to 168 hours of graphical and numerical data can be stored for later review. A built in recorder provides useful documentation. A number of useful and important equipment and operational options are readily available.
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