Modular multi-parameter monitor M7810 Oricare

Modular multi-parameter monitor M7810 Oricare

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The modular and multi-parameter Oricare™ M7800 Patient Monitoring System features a standard 17-inch flat screen (available in other sizes), easy-to-use rotary knob, and hard key interfaces that can be further developed to meet your needs. Versatile and all-around, it is perfect for use in an array of patient applications for adults, pediatrics, and neonates. It offers a full disclosure of patient’s status by displaying waveforms and vital signs, producing alarms with status messages, and enabling event strips printing. The M7800 also retrieves all ECG leads in full resolution, shows all occurrences of arrhythmia in the monitoring period, and gives a view of graphical trends of up to eight vital signs. The M7800 Patient Monitoring System has a large memory capacity to store up to 45 days of 12-lead data, charts, trends, and events strips. Also, the data of patients who are already removed from the monitor are saved, for up to 10 patients for each monitor.
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