Modular multi-parameter monitor FX 3000MD EMTEL

Modular multi-parameter monitor FX 3000MD EMTEL
FX 3000MD

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FX 3000MD monitor is a multi-functional bedside monitor that enables monitoring and supervision vital signs in patients at ICUs, operating rooms and at pre- and post- operative wards. It is also designed to work in neonates units. The feature that distinguishes this type of a patient monitor is its modular structure. Measurement modules can be connected with a monitor by one of available connectors and can be easily transferred between monitors. FX 3000 monitor can work as a separate device as well as the part of the FX 3000 Intensive Care System. FX 3000MD ensures monitoring and supervision the following parameters: ECG (limb and pre-cordial leads) respiration (reographic method) arterial blood pressure NIBP (non-invasive method) arterial, venous blood pressure and others IBPs (invasive method) pulse oximetry Sp02 (motion and low perfusion tolerant) carbon dioxide concentration ETCO2 in patient's expired air temperature (in two measuring points and theirs difference) cardiac output (together with hemodynamic calculations) ST analysis (slope and level) ECG arrhythmia analysis oxygen concentration in gas mixture anesthetic gas concentration : N2O, ISO, ENF, HAL, SEV, DES pacemaker detection
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