Mobile dental delivery system NOP Gigadent Deutsche Dental GmbH

Mobile dental delivery system NOP Gigadent Deutsche Dental GmbH

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A reinvention of the minimum rule According to our philosophy we identify units as NOP, if the whole unit only needs a standard electrical outlet to operate with its full capacity. Each NOP unit can be operated by itself or in combination with other units for an entire treatment room with only one standard power outlet. All supply components are integrated in the units. The main component of the NOP-Systems is the TOPCARTmobil 4+ treatment console. The integrated oil-free compressor as well as the two removable and autoclavable stainless steel water tanks supply the unit with the needed components. The vacuum systems available for the NOP systems have an integrated suction unit and can optionally be equipped with an automatic separator or an amalgam separation. Complex and costly remodeling and installation work can often be reduced or become unnecessary with the innovative NOP-Systems. The high portability of the NOP units allows the usage of just one treatment console in multiple rooms. Whether upgrading or doing new construction you are always spot on with the NOP systems.
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