Mitral valve bioprosthesis / bovine pericardium Dokimos Plus Labcor

Mitral valve bioprosthesis / bovine pericardium Dokimos Plus Labcor
Dokimos Plus

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The DOKIMUS PLUS Valve Prosthesis is made with Reducer® treatment of the bovine pericardium, which increases the tissue's biological stability. The Reducer® treatment optimizes the cross-link and increases the tissue's biological stability, as well as reducing antigenicity and lipid content, it also does not submit the tissue to affixation stress (zero pressure), preserving its the structural integrity. When the valve is optimally seated in the patients annulus, allows the aflets to fully open, resulting in an important reduction in the gradient, particularly in smaller diameters. The position of the suture ring allows both annular and supra-annular implanting. Abrasion to the biological tissue is avoided by interposing a delicate pericardial membrane at the level of the valve posts. The pericardial thickness is determined for each valve diameter, as well as the height and coaptation area of the pericardial layers, which reduces the potential for prolapse and leakage, as well as increasing the resistance to fatigue resulting in long durability of the implanted prosthesis.
  • Material:bovine pericardium
  • Cardiovascular system :mitral
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