Microwave digester laboratory TRANSFORM 680 Aurora Instruments

Microwave digester laboratory TRANSFORM 680 Aurora Instruments

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The TRANSFORM 680 Microwave Digestion System is a top-loading, closed vessel microwave digester with high-pressure capabilities to enhance digestion quality while decreasing digestion time. This microwave digestion system is capable of simultaneously running up to 6 high-pressure closed vessels, providing a fast and automated method to digest even the most difficult samples. With simple one-step operation and full computer control of temperature and power, this cost-effective microwave digester consolidates your Atomic Absorption (AA), ICP-AES, and CP-MS applications. The TRANSFORM 680 Microwave Digestion System is a cost-effective microwave digester that provides optimal performance while leading the industry in safety. Features: Round, pressure resistant heavy duty oven chamber made of PFA-coated stainless steel with top-loading manual cover Evenly distributed microwave field throughout the chamber to ensure uniform heat for each sample vessel Direct sensing and control of sample temperature in closed vessels to ensure reproducible digestion every time On-line EPA protocols and methods directory, full compliance with EPA methods Flexibility to program individual methods for specific customizable sample preparation Automated recording of conditions during each digestion Windows-based software for real-time control of temperature Closed Vessel Digestion: Closed vessel digestion reduces contamination issues by ensuring a clean, controlled environment for each individual sample. The TRANSFORM 680 Microwave Digestion System can hold 6 high-pressure vessels operating at 400 psi and 250°C.
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