Microwave diathermy unit (physiotherapy) / on trolley TRC series Elettronica Pagani

Microwave diathermy unit (physiotherapy) / on trolley TRC series Elettronica Pagani
TRC series

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TRC: THERAPY FOR RESISTIVE AND CAPACITIVE DIATHERMY “Give me the fever and I?ll take care of all diseases” (Ippocrate. 400 a.C.) One of the oldest medical citations is today representing one of the most clever intuitions. Should we use the most traditional diathermy approaches, like microwaves, short-waves, we may provoke heating of the most superficial tissues only, and the deepest tissues are invested from a few heating which is not enough for provoking the therapeutic answer, The new Capacitive and Resistive Diathermy is capable to invest also the deepest tissue with the useful energy density. TRC diathermy is capable to make warm into the tissues since electromagnetic field is generated from inside (from the body itself); electromagnetic field inside the body is making warm, saving superficial tissues. Hyperemia coming from TRC diathermy is making several effects: 1 Increasing tissue extensibility 2 Reduction of pain and muscle contracture 3 Increasing of blood flow 4 Fast absorption of hematomas 5 Reducing of articulation stiffness
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