Microsphere embolization Embozene® Celonova

Microsphere embolization Embozene® Celonova

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Embozene® Microspheres are spherical embolic devices cleared in the United States for the treatment of arteriovenous malformations (“AVM”) and hypervascular tumors (“HVT”), including Uterine Fibroids. Embozene® Microspheres carry a CE mark for use in the treatment of neurovascular arteriovenous malformations and uterine fibroids. Embozene® Microspheres consist of a hydrogel core and an outer layer of CeloNova’s proprietary Polyzene®-F which may enhance biocompatibility and reduce inflammation. Embozene® Microspheres are available in 10 tightly calibrated color coded sizes ranging from 40 to 1300 ?m which allow for precise targeted embolization.
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