Microbiology anaerobic station Bugbox The Baker Company

Microbiology anaerobic station Bugbox The Baker Company

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Ruskinn anaerobic workstations are designed specifically to help microbiologists cope with rising workloads and provide the best primary isolation rates. Features and Benefits Compact size - Your personal workstation Quick and easy direct access with the gloveless, cuffed Ezee Sleeve™ system. Read plates easily without exposure to oxygen - energy-saving lighting provides perfect illumination. Petri dish holders for quick plate transfer included. Can be built with Gas Mixer Q to offer a microaerophilic environment in which to grow facultative anaerobes. Optimum cell environment Accurate temperature control - from ambient + 5?C to 45?C. Accurate and automated humidity control - no dry spots. Palladium catalyst maintains anaerobic environment - plus anaerobic color-indicator strips verify anoxic conditions. Ezee Sleeve™ system allows access without disrupting atmosphere within the chamber. Economic and reliable long-term savings Standard dual gas operation - low gas consumption and running costs. Lower cost per plate compared to anaerobic jars. Minimal maintenance and downtime - with annual or biennial preventative maintenance kits available.
Sanford, ME
United States
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