Microbiological safety cabinet BIOBAN Angelantoni Lifescience

Microbiological safety cabinet BIOBAN Angelantoni Lifescience

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This panel uses AISI 304L 2B finishing and has a 12/10 thickness level. This stainless steel product uses removable sections and works with enough sectors for more needs. This is made with perforated and solid items and works with safety glass to keep it all secure. This also works with fluorescent lights to keep the setting ready in any non-contaminated spot. This is made with a 1,000 lux. lighting level and uses a steel epoxy-polyester powder coating to keep it from being hurt by various disinfectants. This also uses a ventilation system with a motor blower to keep the air flow in check. This is equal to around 70% of the air involved in the body and works with the remaining 30% in the setup. The centrifugal motor blower uses a direct drive setup and a safe protection system to make it work while filtering air the right way.
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