Medicines packaging system OnDemand® AccuFlex® MTS Medication Technologies

Medicines packaging system OnDemand® AccuFlex® MTS Medication Technologies
OnDemand® AccuFlex®

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The OnDemand® AccuFlex® accurately and efficiently fills a variety of single-dose medication packaging systems. OnDemand technology allows pharmacies to fill patient-specific orders as they are needed. AccuFlex is leading edge pharmacy automation equipment that meets the needs of a wide range of pharmacies with: An unlimited number of cassettes that are available to ensure medications are on hand to complete dispensing requirements Intuitive software that directs the system to remove and add medication cassettes as needed Cassettes that can be changed ?on-the-fly? while the machine is running, eliminating system inactivity associated with medication restocking. Be sure to visit our AccuFlex Interview and Case Study pages listed on the right menu. Benefits Improved operational efficiency and inventory management Scalable cassette selection custom fitted to your pharmacy?s operation Efficiently package different medication systems with a single piece of automation Low maintenance, reliable components and proven technology Direct fill design optimizes the output and accuracy Intuitive software that is flexible to accommodate your operational environment Features Provides on demand order fulfillment for different dispensing cycles and partial fills Accessibility to an unlimited number of cassettes depending on individual pharmacy needs Quick change from one packaging system to another Interfaces with most commercial pharmacy information systems Flexible order processing to accommodate sorting by batch, time, facility or patient Pneumatic sealing and automated prescription label applicator
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