Medical waste treatment system / with shredder / with sterilizer Green Machine Trinovamed

Medical waste treatment system / with shredder / with sterilizer Green Machine Trinovamed
Green Machine

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder… They say beauty is only skin deep… So behold the TrinovaMed Monarch Green Machine. We think you’ll agree, it is a thing of beauty inside and out. Sporting a shiny, clean, glistening stainless steel exterior, the Monarch is an engineering marvel and a true innovation, but the real beauty of this machine on the inside. This beauty is packed with effective green technology to tame the most difficult medical waste beast. It sanitizes medial waste with a 100% kill rate by using proprietary dual action technology. First the waste is pulverized and then instantly submerged in an aqueous solution of Chlorine Dioxide, held for a short period and sanitized, dewatered and becomes a benign “confetti” like material.” An Innovative Medical Waste Treatment System Utilizing Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) The TrinovaMed technology processes regulated medical waste and reduces volume by 80%, as defined by the Federal Waste Management Act, State and local regulatory agencies, for biohazardous medical waste, sharps, and suction containers. Why Chlorine Dioxide? No offensive odors: eliminate waste odors. Active kill in both the liquid and gas phases. Powerful and broad-spectrum treatment High solubility: can penetrate barriers other disinfectants cannot. ClO2 is the only chemical that eliminates and disinfects Anthrax. Safe to humans: used in industries such as food processing plants, municipal drinking water, agriculture, sanitation, and medical industry. Environmentally friendly: can be disposed through a sanitary sewer. ?No toxic by-products or emissions. Accepted by Federal, State and Local Agencies
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