Medical washer-disinfector Niagara SI Ultrasonic Medisafe International

Medical washer-disinfector Niagara SI Ultrasonic Medisafe International
Niagara SI Ultrasonic

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Wash, disinfect and dry 144 cannulated instruments and 15 DIN baskets in just 29 minutes! Reprocessing 144 lumen and cannulated instruments, 15 DIN baskets and combined loads of instruments in 29mins is where Niagara SI Ultrasonic comes into its own. This ultra fast, ultrasonic cycle allows for combined cleaning loads of instruments which require Sonic Irrigation, ultrasonic cleaning and also general instruments such as forceps, retractors and clamps. In using such a fast washing and disinfection process, it allows your CSSD to reprocess double the amount of instruments in the same space as your existing slow washer/disinfectors. Niagara SI Ultrasonic isnt simply for washing and disinfecting surgical instruments, use Niagara for reprocessing of operating theatre shoes, anaesthesia accessories and sterile containers. Niagara SI Ultrasonic can distinguish between loads which require ultrasonic/Sonic Irrigation reprocessing and those which do not, thus optimising the cycle time according to the instruments
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