Medical washer-disinfector G 7883 AE, G 7893 Miele & Cie. KG

Medical washer-disinfector G 7883 AE, G 7893 Miele & Cie. KG
G 7883 AE, G 7893

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G 7883 white casing G 7883 white casing has a key features Large capacity cleaner-disinfector with short programme durations for processing analytically clean laboratory glassware, e.g. In industrial functions and research laboratories Capacity per load 39 narrow necked flasks, 116 pipettes, 1600 test tubes Construction Freestanding/built-under 23.5 inch wide External finish White Controller MULTITRONIC NOVO PLUS control with 5 standard cleaning and disinfection programs Program selection via rotary dial. Key Features: - Display for temperature / program duration, optical and acoustic signals at end of program. - Adjustable program parameter and one custom program, programmable. - Programmes SPECIAL 93°-10', vario TD, A , Inorganic, Organic, Standard, Universal, Intensive, Plastics, Pre-rinse Standard features 4-fold filter system with flat filter, coarse filter, glass shard filter - Micro-fine filter Double skinned construction with insulation for low noise emissions Flow meter counter for control of water intake Electric door lock Program failure check Visual and audible signal at program end 2 spare.