Medical ultrasonic bath / compact Effica™ L&R

Medical ultrasonic bath / compact Effica™ L&R

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A newly designed Ultrasonic Cleaning System, the Effica™ E1 (Product Code 26831) is an instrument having contemporary design with no noise while using it. Has a unique cover which operates like a hinged cover which is easily removable. Inclusive of a customized basket that provides better energy flow around instruments for superior cleaning results prior to sterilization. Has an enlarged drain line empties the tank 65% faster than conventional drains. Features an optional automatic locking cover eliminating the need to add or remove the contaminated instruments during an ultrasonic cleaning cycle. Unique feature secures the cover throughout each cleaning cycle to provide a standardized, efficacious instrument cleaning program. The specifications include One gallon capacity tank, Digital preset timer, Optional Automatic Locking Cover. The accessories are available with heat as an option. This system is Made in U.S.A. with a 2 year warranty.
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