Medical telephone S 510 Radio Ergophone

Medical telephone S 510 Radio Ergophone
S 510 Radio

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The Ergophone S 510 radio meets high standards of quality, flexibility and reliability. Due to the consistently ergonomics, the operation is intuitive and easy. The phone can be expanded by numerous radio units to a comprehensive security system. Special versions of the phone allow the integration of wired call triggers like pear switches or cord pull switches. Ergonomics Compact, thin and modern in design, uncompromising ergonomic to use: The phone combines intelligent technology with simple operation. The design of the phone takes into account the physical, sensitive and intellectual abilities of people over the average value addition. Emergency communications Just a quick and flexible emergency communications ensures a needs-based assistance. System monitoring The intelligent technology of the phone detects impending and actual problems. These are indicated visually and audibly and automatically forwarded to external service technicians. Quick configuration The configuration of the phone can be done via phone menu or web browser. Using SD card, the settings can be transferred to other phones. Connection conditions The phone is suitable for connection to the public telephone network and for connection to analogue ports of telephone systems.
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