Medical software / personal records eWaveMD

Medical software / personal records eWaveMD

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Outpatient EMR and Practice Management suite with unique Quality Measures Reporting and advanced web-based Electronic Medical Record system. The Outpatient EMR suite has two implementations: Network implementation – facilitates sharing of information and data within the network. Single practice implementation – allows management of information within a single private practice. Provides an intelligent system over a simple and intuitive User Interface built with and for physicians. A complete clinical software suite to answer all of the practice's needs. An ASP model, browser-based application, facilitating a high security environment. The product uses a rule based engine for quality measures reporting and medical decision support. - Highlited features: - Schedualing - Billing - Practice Administration - Patient Chart - Visit documentation - Complete audit trail - Quality measures tool - Lab referrals and results - e-prescribing
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