Medical software / Holter monitor Biomedical Instruments

Medical software / Holter monitor Biomedical Instruments
Biomedical Instruments

Highlights: Multi-channelAnalysis QRS Template Classification Automatic Arrhythmia Analysis ST Segment Measurement Pacemaker Analysis A-Fib Detection and Edit Waterfall Tools on A-Fib Edit* HRV Analysis HRT Analysis T-Wave Alternans (TWA) * Deceleration Capacity of Heart Rate (DCHR) * Late Potentials (SAECG) * QT Analysis Vector Cardiography (VCG)* Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) syndrome Powerful Database Management Function Fully net-workable using BI Cardiology Information System(CIS)* Available Multi-user Analysis on BI Cardiology Information System(CIS)* Support HL7 */XML*/DICOM */GDT With EU CE Approval, the accuracy is tested against prestigious AHA, MIT, NST database. Items with * are optiona
  • Application domain: : medical
  • Application: : Holter monitor
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