Medical software / electrophysiology Vasotens® 24 Petr Telegin

Medical software / electrophysiology Vasotens® 24 Petr Telegin
Vasotens® 24

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BPLab Vasotens is a unique diagnostic system which combines estimation of central aortic pressure and arterial stiffness parameters with traditional blood pressure monitoring. BPLab Vasotens complex: Includes 24-hour blood pressure monitor BPLab and software Vasotens. Uses an inexpensive oscillometric method for estimation of arterial stiffness, central and peripheric hemodynamics parameters. A regular cuff acts as a sensitive transducer. Stores oscillogram of every measurement. These oscillograms are analyzed by original software Vasotens afterwards. Designed both for routine clinical and scientific research Measurement data output in the form of tables and graphs Enables monitoring of patients within 24 hour or at doctor's office
  • Application domain:medical
  • Application:electrophysiology
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