Medical oxygen generator OG-20 Oxygen Generating Systems International

Medical oxygen generator OG-20 Oxygen Generating Systems International

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This extremely popular OG-15 model, an Oxygen Generating System, the OG-20 extracts oxygen from the atmosphere, concentrates it to 93% (± 3%) purity, and delivers the oxygen to any application. The OG-20 offers up to 25% more oxygen flow rate and delivery pressure. Dependable, this OG-20 is a completely self-contained product and its overall design is built for 24 hour operation. It produces up to 20 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH)/ 10 liters per minute (LPM) at 1-15 psi, with oxygen purifies up to 95%. The total industrial strength and quality of the OG-20 will provide the end-user with years of highly dependable, reliable, and virtually maintenance-free operation. This durable OG-20 model is built on a powder coated steel frame/chassis. Its internal air compressor, the aluminum sieve beds with its state-of-the-art molecular sieve material, the filtration and flow of its control systems are so well designed for years of continuous and reliable service. Each OG-20 goes through rigorous quality check.
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