Medical oxygen generator 120 L/mn | EDOCS 120B PCI Gases

Medical oxygen generator 120 L/mn | EDOCS 120B PCI Gases
120 L/mn | EDOCS 120B

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Advantages The EDOCS module generates oxygen utilizing Vacuum Swing Adsorption technology. The EDOCS-120B concentrator generates 120 liters per minute (lpm) at 85 psi. The oxygen can be delivered directly from the concentrator to the hospital distribution system at 85 psi and/or supplied to the boost compressor. The built-in boost compresses the gas to 2,250 psi for the purpose of filling standard medical oxygen cylinders utilizing a cylinder-filling manifold. A vacuum pump is included with the EDOCS to evacuate cylinders prior to filling. FDA 510(k) clearance System Features 120 Liters Per Minute USP 93% Purity (+/-3%) FDA approved 42" Wide x 104" Long x 67" Tall Less than 3,500 LBS Delivery Pressure of 85 PSI Cylinder Filling Capability 2 Hours of Backup Capability 208 - 240 VAC, 3 Phase 50/60 Hz
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