Medical monitor support arm / ceiling-mounted MZ Liberec

Medical monitor support arm / ceiling-mounted MZ Liberec
MZ Liberec

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Ceiling pendants with compact spring balanced swivel arms have wide range of their usage: as holders of surgical luminaire, cameras, monitors, X-ray apparatus safety screens, and many others specialized devices. The wall mounted version can be used even for carrying the televisors in patiens´ room. The pendant consists of one, two or three rotary arms (1-, 2-, 3-ärmeversion) connected with swivel compact spring mechanism allows adjusting the loading capacity of each arm within the scope 5 – 28 kg. The compact arms´ construction ensures the device´s stabile placing in the required position. The rotary contacts enable the uncollisional arms rotation within the range of 360°. If necessary, the rotation range can be limited by stops to 330°, 240° or 150°. In contrast to the similar products of another producers the profile parts of our compact arms are made from the extruded aluminium. This solution provides them greater resistance to the workaday wear-out caused by daily exploitation and, above all, the higher endurance to the agressive desinfectans used in the health service. In March 2011 MZ Liberec, a.s. has obtained the Industrial Design No. 21940 issued by the Industrial Property Office of Czech Republic.
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