Medical gas pressure regulator 757LE, 757LE-ES WITT

Medical gas pressure regulator 757LE, 757LE-ES WITT
757LE, 757LE-ES

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This pressure regulator is a dome-loaded model that helps to review gas pressure rates and drops. This works well for all kinds of mixing systems and is stable enough to handle gas at a consistent rate. This will also work with downstream controls. This model from WITT is made for many inlet pressures that can handle as much as 2900 psi in pressure and will work with regulation controls from 1.5 to 870 psi. This dome-loaded regulator is made with a pilot pressure regulator and a proportional valve that makes it easier for the working pressure to be adjusted. This setup is made with support for an external source and can be extremely easy to install as it is relatively small in its size. The regulator is also made to work in a single unit setup or it can be mounted with a regulator, pressure gauge and a fitting.
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