Medical device trolley / 3-tray C3RT/TM ZILFOR

Medical device trolley / 3-tray C3RT/TM ZILFOR

Functional 3-shelf trolley (capacity 15 kg) complete with drawer. Its versatility makes it the ideal tool for different uses both in the operating theatre and in the dentist's office. Features: -two universal sockets protected by two fuses; - self-locking wheels; - equipotential grounding of the trolley; - illuminated master switch; - total applicable power: 1300 W; - available in different-sized versions: A/B. Available in two different-sized versions: - Mod. C3RT: 40x54xh.94 cm., working dimensions of top 36x38 cm - Mod. C3RTM: 50x54xh.94 cm, working dimensions of top 46x38 cm
  • Number of trays: : 3-tray
  • Use: : medical device
Via Fossa 37,
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