Medical computer workstation / wall-mounted / recessed e645 Enovate

Medical computer workstation / wall-mounted / recessed e645 Enovate

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Wall mounted computer workstations give clinicians more locations for readily available data, empowering employees with decision making information at the point-of-care. Computer wall stations bring the clinician closer to their patients increasing data accuracy and efficiency while securing patient information. Strategically placed to improve workflow, the e645 frees up valuable floor space in hallways and patient rooms. Cable Management Monitor, keyboard, & mouse cables secured underneath arms Space Saving & Information Security Counter balanced doors for patient confidentiality and limited wall space Adjustable Viewing Display and keyboard rotate independently for shared viewing Push Button Ergonomics Ergonomic: 12 inches of push-button height adjustment, from sit to stand positions Infection Control Nonporous smooth and cleanable surfaces Task Lighting Offering multiple options for work area lighting
  • Application domain:medical
  • Characteristics:recessed, wall-mounted
1152 Park Avenue,
Murfreesboro, TN
United States
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