Medical computer cart / with drawer ABC-110-Li ADI MEDICAL EQUIPMENT

Medical computer cart / with drawer ABC-110-Li ADI MEDICAL EQUIPMENT

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The Only Computerized cart in the world that is fully built from an active anti-bacterial material that kills germs. Extremely light weight. Less than 30Kg while fully equipped with battery and computer. Easy to maneuver Innovative green battery, more than 2000 cycles. User friendly LDC interface. Fast charging. Flexible: same cart, many solutions. Portable medication drawers? cabinet and accessories. Small footprint: 490.4mm X 490.4mm Height adjustment from 75cm (seating) to 105cm (standing) Anti-Bacterial Protection ABC Carts are fully covers with anti-bacterial plastic material, silver ions protection. The cart?s body material actively kills most kind of germs within 24 hours. Make hospital infection control easier. For optimal sterile environment, ABC Medical Cart’s outer surfaces are made of anti-bacterial materials utilizing the Silver Ions technology. Furthermore, cable handling is totally hidden for better sterilization. ? Incomparable flexibility- one cart for multiple solutions. Broad range of accessories including portable medication dispenser bin cabinet, alternative surface for Notebook solution, rear holder for trash and needle bins, baskets ect. ? ABC Medical Cart and power system are certified medical grade. EN-60601-1, IEC-60601-1 class 1 ? Innovative green battery power system providing 1500 cycles and above. Long-life and rapid charging with a user friendly LCD monitor interface and battery indication software ? Small footprint: 490.4mm X 490.4mm ? Electric height adjustable for working while seating or standing ? Extremely light weight and easy maneuvering