Medical computer cart / medicine distribution MX SERIES Capsa Solutions

Medical computer cart / medicine distribution MX SERIES Capsa Solutions

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Available Q3 2012 Improved Patient Care Through Improved Process. next-arrow-alone.gifImprove clinical workflow efficiency by greatly streamlining the medication organization and distribution process next-arrow-alone.gifImprove medication administration accuracy by taking the clinical process and med preparation directly to the point-of-care next-arrow-alone.gifImprove patient care through the consolidation of the electronic health records, medication verification, and med administration at the patient bedside MX Series Features Open-platform to permit the use of an array of computing hardware including laptops, tablets, thin-client, all-in-one PCs, and small form factor PCs Choice of flexible AC Power Platform or ultra-efficient DC Power Platform Standard sealed-lead acid (SLA) or Lithium-Ion (LiFe) power cell technology Fully-configurable using a wide selection of patient bin and drawer sizes Patient bins available in 4” and 6.5” widths, 3” or 6” depths Full-width storage drawers available in 3” and 6” depths Sturdy construction and simple to clean
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