Medical computer cart 1850681 Rubbermaid Medical Solutions

Medical computer cart 1850681 Rubbermaid Medical Solutions

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Swappable Battery Computer Cart Swappable Battery Computer Cart comes with fully adjustable keyboard tray, HotSwap™ these batteries allow 24/7 usage without down time. Unit also comes with interior space for small form CPUs, keyboard light. Additional features include, Integrated in keyboard with auto off feature for usage at night. Contoured handle reduces strain while moving cart. 17"x17" compact base allows easy maneuvering and 16 “range of adjustable height. Raised edge around work surface, aid in retention of spills, protective covering for documents that are placed on the work surface. Oversized 19" wide x 14" deep work surface, scanner bin provides quick retrieval and storage of most bar codes scanners.
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Huntersville, NC
United States
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