Medical cabinet / medicine / 2-door AA2220 Givas

Medical cabinet / medicine / 2-door AA2220 Givas

The range of cupboards and storage GIVAS pharmacy offers innovative products designed to assist health care personnel in the organization and management of medicines and surgical equipment . Our products allow you to better rationalize space and allow you to quickly and conveniently find in the materials . The structure and the cabinet doors are made of particle board of wood, thickness 20 mm, treated with waterproof substances across the surface , which is glossy , durable and long-lasting thanks to a coating of plastic laminate thickness of 0.9 mm on all surfaces . The front doors have ABS edge with a large radius , 3 mm thick , glossy and durable plastic material . The doors rotate through 270 ° with lock and dust seals . The interior is divided by 5 shelves , depth 650 mm , mounted on a metal rack . The base is equipped with legs of steel epoxy powder coated , 60 mm diameter , with adjustable feet in nylon.
  • Medical establishment:medicine
  • Number of doors:2-door
  • Applications:medical
Viale Veneto 2 Villatora,
Saonara (PD)
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