Medical autoclave / high-capacity ETC Sterilization

Medical autoclave / high-capacity ETC Sterilization
ETC Sterilization

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ETC’s standard Life Sciences Sterilizers are leading for general processing of feed, bedding, vented water bottles, cages, racks, carts, linens, gowns and other miscellaneous items that can tolerate a saturated steam, under pressure environment. ETCs standard Life Sciences Sterilizers or Autoclaves are High Vacuum cage and rack, steam sterilizers. Pre programmed Cycle Types includes Porous Loads Hard Goods Solutions 3 Minute Flash Vacuum Leak Test Bowie Dick Test Three Innovations for Bulk Sterilizers / Autoclaves Sectional Autoclaves ETC introduced another innovation in bulk steam sterilizer technology with its Sectional Autoclaves and easy Glide Internal Loading Carts. Once the cycle parameters have been selected, cycle may be assigned a number and stored for future recall. Cycle parameters are supervisor selectable and can be modified for the particular items being processed. Normal selectable operating temperature ranges are from 100-138°C.
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