Medical air compression system / piston / oil-free Arigmed

Medical air compression system / piston / oil-free Arigmed

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MedicalAir Compressor type meetingNFPA99 free systemoil; Oil Free air Compressors single-stage reciprocating pistons, beltdriven, electric motor220v-380v-440v, after air - cooler, relief, check and automatic purge valve including the blocksystem by each air compressor on. Airstorage tank manufactured under ASTM antioxidant treatment, Electrical Control panelto coordinate functions (alternation, simultaneity and emergency-stop, alarm detection specified by NFPA, NEMA 12 class cabbinet); Air treatment discecant dual tower dryers and filters for regenerative type particles, activated carbon and General use (humidity).
  • Technology:piston
  • Application:medical
  • Other characteristic:oil-free
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