Mechanical surgery table / lifting / height-adjustable DH-S103C01 Kanghui Technology

Mechanical surgery table / lifting / height-adjustable DH-S103C01 Kanghui Technology

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Performance characteristics ? the operation platform is based on a comprehensive mechanical operation table needs to develop the design of users of our company. ? the operation platform chassis cover, column jacket all high-quality materials, beautiful appearance, the surface using polyurethane material one-time molding, easy to clean, the overall lifting operation platform adopts pedal hydraulic pump, simple operation, can be freely adjusted in height range. When in operation, the head end posture required for various operation adjustment are concentrated in the operation platform, enables the medical staff have larger work space. Because adopts the whole mechanical structure, operation table therefore, when in use is not affected by power outages and other emergencies, in the use of more safe and reliable, suitable for hospital operation room underwent chest surgery, Department of ENT, obstetrics and Gynecology, urology and general operation in Department of orthopedics. Standard preparation Anesthetic screen frame 1 pay Tied with 1 Body support 1 pay Shoulder support 1 pay Legrest 1 pay Bearing device 1 sets Hand plate 1 pay
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