Mechanical micropipette / fixed-volume / with ejector 0.1 - 2.500 µL | Reference® 2 Eppendorf AG

Mechanical micropipette / fixed-volume / with ejector 0.1 - 2.500 µL | Reference® 2 Eppendorf AG
0.1 - 2.500 µL | Reference® 2

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The Eppendorf Reference 2 is the newest pipette family at Eppendorf and it is our premium product. Besides improvement of its ergonomics the focus of its design lay on providing the most accurate results possible, optimum user safety, reliability and robustness for a long service life. The innovative single button operation is not only fast and easy, but it also allows active aerosol reduction and thus protects the user, the sample and the pipette. The sturdy handle manufactured with stainless steel protects the pipette from impact and in combination with the spring loaded bumpers the Reference 2 is likely to stay within calibration even if it takes a fall. These high levels of security make the Reference 2 ideal for use with precious liquids, or in any application requiring extremely high levels of accuracy. When there can be no compromise on quality and reproducibility, Eppendorfs new Reference 2 is an ideal instrument for these liquid handling applications. Features The unique one-button operation offers a fast and ergonomic handling with reduced operating effort and active aerosol reduction. To avoid an accidential tip ejection a clear haptic feedback is provided. The spring loaded tip cone improves user to user reproducibility and improved ergonomics by lowering tip attachment force The Reference 2 multi channel offers a high flexibility incl a spring-loaded tip cone which can be switched on/off optionally
  • Configuration:with ejector
  • Technology:mechanical
  • Type:fixed-volume
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