Massage table protection cover 7236-06 Oakworks Massage

Massage table protection cover 7236-06 Oakworks Massage

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Spa Drape Custom Easily protect your table from moisture and staining. Made from our earth-friendly TerraTouch fabric in the color of your choice, these durable drapes are the perfect solution for any treatment table. Reversible, soft white cloth on one side, TerraTouch upholstery color of your choice on the other Waterproof, stain-resistant, hygienic surface supports damp spa treatments such as mud and seaweed wraps, while protecting table top from exposure to lotion, oil and crème. Easy-care fabric is incredibly durable and eliminates the need to inventory disposable drapes Complete coverage for any massage/spa treatment table provided by the full size: 94" long by 50" wide.
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