Management software / multimedia / sharing / medical OR Share S-CAPE

Management software / multimedia / sharing / medical OR Share S-CAPE
OR Share

The OR Share module provides the telemedicine functionality. Surgical video and audio from the OR procedure can be transmitted in real-time to destinations outside the OR. The Share module thus supports on-line surgical consultations, telemedicine and educational solutions. Sharing can be done on a straight "one on one" basis for e.g. between the OR and a consultants office. Video is transmitted in Broadcast quality and with imperceptible latency. The OR information can also be shared live with a multiple of destinations like e.g. auditoriums, other OPs etc. by employing streaming technology or video matrices. Bi-directional communication can be realized through teleconferencing technology thus enabling second opinions or guidance during a procedure. By employing a teleconference server the transmissions can be encrypted and also conference management as participant registration and traversal calls are supported. In addition multimedia information and presentations easily can be shared.
  • Medical establishment: : operating room
  • Function: : multimedia, sharing, management
  • Application domain: : medical
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