Management software / monitoring / medical SECURISOFT TLV Healthcare

Management software / monitoring / medical SECURISOFT TLV Healthcare

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SECURISOFT software procures significant time savings for configuration on PC of all parameters of SECURIDYS medical gases and vacuum distribution network monitoring units. This software integrated tutorial enables excellent ergonomy and visibility of the whole parameters within enabling saving of one or many configurations for any future task. The opportunity to download an existing SECURIDYS monitoring unit configuration or to send a pre defined configuration to a monitoring unit brings many avdantages, for instance for maintenance operations. Keyboard brings simple and precise modification of SECURIDYS monitoring unit many parameters namings (network or network segment, monitored medical gases, alarms messages, ...). Intuitive navigation of SECURISOFT configuration software enables you to benefit of quick and easy modification of one parameters of monitoring unit if necessary.
  • Function:monitoring, management
  • Application domain:medical
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