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Management software / medical Easy SmartCare EasyMed
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Easy SmartCare allows clinics, hospitals and doctors’ practices to communicate with patients through text messages on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Easy SmartCare reduces missed appointments, improves preparation, sends medication reminders and improves overall outpatient management. With Easy SmartCare, patients are added during the normal booking process using software already in place in the medical practice. This means that patients are being added incrementally which makes it easy on staff. Here is a typical cycle of interaction with a patient: 1. Patient books appointment 2. Easy SmartCare sends appointment reminder along with pre-exam procedures 3. Patient confirms attendance 4. Patient appointment results in prescription and follow-up appointment 5. Easy SmartCare sends reminders to take prescription 6. Patient confirms compliance 7. Easy SmartCare sends appointment reminder 8. Patient cancels appointment 9. Easy SmartCare automatically frees up appointment for another patient Many medical offices still spend a great deal of time on the phone to remind patients. Easy SmartCare automates the process and delivers far better results.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Function:management
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