Magnetic field generator (physiotherapy) / portable / for equines Respond Systems

Magnetic field generator (physiotherapy) / portable / for equines Respond Systems
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NOW AVAILABLE Pulsing Magnetic Field Therapy by Bio-Pulse in a Stand-Alone Leg Boot! Treat tendons, ligaments, and bone problems with this proven therapy. This portable, rechargeable unit produces the same stimulating pulsed magnetic field therapy as our full Bio-Pulse blanket system. Simply place it on the leg and flip the switch to start the 30 minute treatment. Up to 12 treatments before recharge. The sturdy, water resistant polypropylene shell houses the coils which produce the magnetic field and it is lined with a comfortable, washable fleece fabric. The boot secures with two inner elastic wraps. System comes equipped with a charger for convenient overnight battery recharging. Respond now offers the technology and benefit of our entire PEMF blanket system in a stand alone product! The Maxi-Pulse Legging is excellent support for hoof, bone, soft tissue or knee injury. If your horse suffers from laminitis, arthritis, navicular syndrome or a fracture, this legging is the perfect and affordable way to help heal your horse. There are two 7 inch coils which cover the cannon bone and associated tendons/ligaments and two 4 inch coils covering the hoof. The legging can be turned upside down so the hoof coils effectively treat the knee!
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