Magnetic field generator (physiotherapy) / 1-channel WEWOTHOM WeWoThom

Magnetic field generator (physiotherapy) / 1-channel WEWOTHOM WeWoThom

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The reasons of pains in the joints and in the back are mostly the deficits of cartilage. This is following by inflammations. WeWoThom can make more elastically properties in the cartilage what is rested in the body. With more elastically cartilage the inflammation is away and the rested cartilage will be trained better. With more moving without pains the condition for better live quality are given. This means not that with one series of treatment it is not needed to repeat it. After a long time or after hard stress will be needed to repeat the treatment by WeWoThom. But it is easy to realize. Take the device and use it where you are. It is very discrete. With WeWoThom you can avoid following illness and pains by normal moving without any relieving posture.
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