Macerator Pulpmatic Uno DDC Dolphin

Macerator Pulpmatic Uno DDC Dolphin
Pulpmatic Uno

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The Pulpmatic Uno is hand-fee, compact, quick, quiet, and has a microbsafe antibacterial lid. This device is hands-free because of a footplate and optical sensor that must be closed in order for the machine to start. The Pulpmatic Uno is one-of-a-kind, making it more convenient and hygienic than other macerators, and also lessens cross-contaminaton. This device is both efficient and economical. It is efficient because of the original desire characteristics like the nine-glad maceration disc. This discs make operation quick and quiet. This device greatly cuts bak on one's workload, while decreasing operation costs because it saves employees time and uses less electricity for every item that is processed.
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