Long walker boot / articulated ROM Multicast

Long walker boot / articulated ROM Multicast

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Multicast Knee Liner Walker It is used to limit movement of the leg by means of a dial which can be fixed to a choice of various motion stops. Features -Rocker bottom and low profi le heels facilitate more natural gait pattern. -Soft foam liner provides great comfort to the patient. -Aluminium reinforced uprights for better fi t and stability. -ROM settings between 45° plantar-fl exion and 30° dosiflexion in 7.5° increments. -Ability to lock-out in full extension. -Scored bars for easy breakdown to rehab style brace. -Durable, lightweight design. -Easy-to-see range of motion stops. -Hook and loop closure for ease of application. -Available in KNEE and SHORT lengths - 3 foot sizes. Indication -The requirement of ankle stabilisation during rehabilitation due to post operative and post trauma indications. -Ankle and tibial fractures. -Stress fractures. -Soft Tissue damage. -Severe ankle sprains. -Achilles tendonitis.
United Kingdom