Long walker boot / articulated OMNI / SOBER ALTEOR

Long walker boot / articulated OMNI / SOBER ALTEOR

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Comfortable and hard-wearing + Anatomical adjustability + Anti-skid sole MEDICAL INDICATIONS Trauma or surgery of the ankle or foot Use in operated or unoperated patients with Achilles tendon rupture Advantageously replaces plaster casts and resins CHARACTERISTICS Walking boot with immobilization that can be set to 75°, 90°, 105° or 120° (only as instructed by a doctor) Anti-skid convex external sole: for a stepping movement without mobilization of the ankle and without lateral imbalance System for attaching and fixing the boot liner to the sole that prevents any front mobilization of the lower limb or lifting up of the heel Light and hard-wearing walking boot with flaring around the malleolus and of course the Achilles tendon
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