Liposuction jar / aspirating FillerCollector® Human med

Liposuction jar / aspirating FillerCollector® Human med

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This device is made to handle small and medium fat volumes without threatening the body of the patient. These are made with several controls to get re-injectable fat collected in order to make the autologous fat grafting process to be as easy to work with as possible. The FillerCollector works for standard amounts of fat and spares fat without having to get additional filters in order to make it work. This is made with a design to keep fats away from irrigation fluids and will not need a centrifuge in order to make it work as the tissue is ready for grafting functions. This is made with support from the water-jet assisted liposuction process. Drops of fat may be harvested as they are treated to keep exposure to the fat from being risky and harmful, thus improving the overall efficiency of such a procedure to treat the patient the right way.
  • Application:aspirating, for liposuction
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