Linear stapler / surgical ENTact® ENTrigue Surgical

Linear stapler / surgical ENTact® ENTrigue Surgical

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When it comes to septoplasty, current techniques involve placing simple sutures and splints to approximate the septal flaps created during a surgical process. Suturing within the deep nasal passageway can be a challenge. The desire for an alternative approach to deal with this challenge has been around for awhile now. The ENTrigue Surgical was designed for just that purpose. It is a novel solution with its resorbable implants delivered by a single-use stapler system. The approximation can be achieved in less than one minute. Overall, the use of this instrument reduces OR time and minimizes potential tissue damage, thus helping surgeons achieve consistent results. It also enables simple manipulation of flap edges before the stapling process. The single-use stapler comes packaged with 8 resporbable implants.