LED surgical light / ceiling-mounted / 2-arm Sonne SternMed

LED surgical light / ceiling-mounted / 2-arm Sonne SternMed

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Optical Efficiency The light spectrum focus on the visible frequencies, the efficiency can reach 80% -90%. Hollowing Design Unique hollowing design, clean air can reach the surgical field directly, fulfill the purification effect of laminar flow. Low temperature Almost no infrared and ultraviolet spectra, low temperature in surgical filed after long-lasting operation. Streamlining Surfaces Follow the "teardrop" shape from the international wind resistance standards, LUMAX 25 is highly expressive with integrated aesthetic and technological factors effectively, to reduce turbulence and resistance of the light. Beam Shaper Technology Independent Condenser Combination for each LED bulb, to control the LED light precisely, eliminate glare while ensuring maximum output by the double reflection system. Adjustable facula size and optical Focal length Adjustable focus handle controls projection angle of LED light, and adjusts facula size and optical Focal length easily. No Environmental Pollution The light is stimulated by light-emitting diode, heavy metals free, without pollution to environment. Suspension System Universal 6-joint spring suspension system with full and accurate positioning without drifting. Bulb Average life span is up to 50,000 hours or more.
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