LED surgical light / 1-arm 160 000 lux @ 1.0 m | Quasar® eLite Brandon Medical Company

LED surgical light / 1-arm 160 000 lux @ 1.0 m | Quasar® eLite Brandon Medical Company
160 000 lux @ 1.0 m | Quasar® eLite

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Red Balance Control A unique feature to Quasar® eLite, Red Balance Control, provides the user with the option to adjust the balance of red light to match their own optical colour response. Allowing the user to fine tune the light ensures minimal eye strain by making the light do the work instead of the eye. Perfect Light (HD-LED) Quasar® eLite is the only surgical light with near perfect colour rendition across the full visible spectrum. It features the highest R9 colour rendition of any product and ensures strong and vibrant visualisation of tissues. Fat Beam Technology Quasar® eLite provides the very best light beam quality of any other product. More light flux ensures the widest beams of light, bigger illuminated fields and more light across the full width of the illuminated area. High light intensity across the full illuminated area for uniform vision. Large wound sites can be easily examined. Beam size is adjustable to user preference. 420mm beam diameter. HD-SDI Camera System Inside Quasar® eLite is the only surgical light to feature HD cameras fully embedded into the lamp head. The HD-SDI system produces outstanding picture quality on large monitors and provides a foundation for Brandon Medicals Symposia® systems. Designed to Minimise Infections Quasar® eLite has been designed to minimise infections. Anti-microbial additives are used to destroy harmful bacteria. The smooth, continuous surfaces are easy to wipe clean, with split lines kept to a bare minimum. The Quasar® eLite light head is sealed against the ingress of dirt and liquids to prevent contamination, whilst the central handle with removable sterile cover allows for easy positioning.
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