LED laryngoscope handle / fiber optic TruLED Truphatek International

LED laryngoscope handle / fiber optic TruLED Truphatek International

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The Hospital Tech’s dream, a maintenance-free stainless steel soft feel rechargeable handle Indestructibly engineered from stainless steel 316 that prevents normal wear & tear caused by repeated mounting of blades Guaranteed maintenance free for 5 years Resistant to rust and chemicals Can be autoclaved and sterilized repeatedly by all prevalent systems Unique one ideal size ergonomic design with silicon cushioned grip Led light source that provides bright bluish white light spectrum Unique patented configuration emits uniform and focused light Fits all green system blade made to ISO 7376(3) international standards Rechargeable Lithium ion battery with latest technology, no capacity deterioration; power for over 10 hours continuous use between charges ; recharge time equals use time; RoHS compliant for banned materials Tested and approved for highest UL Safety Requirements Wide range of blade and set combinations available
  • Options:fiber optic
  • Light source:LED
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